Heartfelt Candles

Our fall line is here!  Please take a look around at all of the fabulous new flavors!

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to make you a repeat customer.  If we do not show a certain scent that you are wanting on our website, please message us...we have many, many more than what is listed, and we can get any scent desired. We take pride in making our candles locally, with products purchased locally.  All of our candles are carefully triple (maybe a little more than triple) scented and hand poured.  Our choice of wax is paraffin, the version we use holds the most scent of any of the waxes on the market today. We strive to be the best candle makers around and we welcome feedback from our customers.  Our marbled items are truly one of a kind, and extremely unique.  Each item takes time to make it "original", but the end product is completely worth it.  Once you try one of our candles, you will never purchase from anywhere else.  Whether our candles are lit or not, our scent throw is off the charts AMAZING.  Come see for yourself!  


Upon arriving home, I removed the lid from the candle and the scent filled my bedroom. As soon as I lit the candle, the aroma spread to the master bathroom. My 21 year old daughter arrived home approximately 3 hours later and said “Mom what are you cooking!” I replied, Nothing. She walked upstairs to put away her belongings and came back down stating that the entire upstairs smelled really nice and that she needed some of whatever I had to take back to her dorm room. With that being said, this candle is a hit!!! I need to purchase 4 for my daughter and her college roommates. LOVE IT!

Kimberly Barb
PNC Bank Branch Manager Sr.

I bought 2 car air fresheners and they were amazing. As soon as I opened the package you could smell it throughout the house. Great value for the price. I will definitely be buying more. And the service was so quick I received it much faster than I thought.

Stella Lambert
Irving, TX


Located in Mansfield Texas, we welcome contactless pick up orders delivered to you in your vehicle.  Mansfield is just South of Arlington and Grand Prairie.  Our phones are always on, we accept calls outside of business hours.  We are a customer service friendly company...we aim to please and make each purchase a repeat customer.  


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